"Rapaport Prices are based on fine cut, well shaped Diamonds.
Poorly cut or shaped stones often trade at very large discounts."
(International trade magazine Rappaport)


The cut in a diamond has three components, Polish, Symmetry and proportions.

Proportions are the measurements and angle at which the various facets are made in a diamond. Today all the proportions are calculated using sophisticated instruments, A lot of scientific research has gone into the proportions that are used in todays diamond manufacturing process. When a diamond is cut with poor or good proportions, the light that enters the diamond does not gets reflected multiple times before it reaches you.

This results in a diamond that can not take the maximum advantage of the optical property of a diamond and thus the diamond does is not able to show the best possible brilliance, fire and scintillation. Any compromise on the proportions will result in a diamond that lacks in beauty. Only diamonds cut with Excellent to very good proportions results in diamonds with the best brilliance fire and scintillation and thus are the most beautiful diamonds.

We at ML Colourless Diamonds, chose our diamonds with utmost care and precision. We check each and every diamond , personally, both before and after mounting to make sure that they meet the highest international standards. Before mounting, all our diamonds are measured using sophisticated instrument which scans the diamonds using laser. Only the diamonds which falls within the parameters of Excellent to Very Good proportions as defined by GIA, are selected for your jewellery.

When you decide to buy Excellent – Very good cut diamonds, you are gifting the rarest diamonds, which have been cut with precision that is as perfect as your love for your loved ones.

Polish is the surface quality of the diamond. a poorly polished diamond will not be able to reflect all the light that falls on it. All blemishes (surfacial characteristics), such as scratches, abbrations, polishing lines etc, affects the polish grade. The best polish grade is “ Excellent” . An “Excellent” polish grade is an indication of the skill and care that has gone into manufacturing a beautiful diamond.

Symmetry of a diamond depends on the precision of the size, shape and placement of facets. This effects the light pattern that is reflected back to you, any daviation in symmetry results in a diamond who’s light pattern is less then desiarable. The best polish grade is “ Excellent”. An “Excellent” polish grade is an indication of the skill, care and precison that that was involved in maintaining the precise shape and placement of all the cut facets.

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