Q. How I can give my jewellery back ?
Ans. At a Company Lounge , on showing proof of purchase/ bill.
Q. Will they give cheque or cash ?
Ans. A Cheque will be provided immediately in the store.
Q. You are using Non Fluorescence as your USP, is it a marketing Gimmick?
Ans. In our vast experience, since 1978 , our experience has taught us that when a colorless ( D-E-F) diamond with fluorescence is mounted in a jewellery, it very soon starts appearing dull and looses its light ( Scintilation). Whereas a Non Fluorescent diamond keeps its beauty intact even after day to day use. The most discerning markets for diamond in the world, namely Japan and Germany prefer diamonds with Non Fluorescence, as they accept nothing but the best.
Q. What is so special about your jewellery?
Ans. Your jewellery masterpieces has non fluorescent diamonds ( in colorless range Fluorescence is a undesirable property) it also has VVS clarity ( with a good number of diamonds which are IF, but to ensure a consistent quality , our directors prefer to call it VVS ) in Colorless range ( D-E-F, ) where Each and every diamond is analysed by laser Cut Grade Proportion analyzer ( To select diamonds with only Excellent to Very Good cut) , and are individually laser inscribed.
These jewellery masterpieces are accompanied by individual certificate signed by the director of the company who themselves are trained by the world renowned GIA, thereby putting a seal of authenticity and transparency to the whole process. These jewellery masterpieces come with an unmatched buy back guarantee, which is 100% transparent. We offer you buy back rates which are in sync with the latest rates prevailing in the market so that you get the benefit of any appreciation in gold and diamond rates. On owning these masterpieces, you can be rest assured that you are wearing diamonds which has been scientifically analyzed for the best light return ,and whose beauty is unsurpassed.
Q. Please explain , what it meant by hand made jewellery, and what about its workmanship?
Ans. Once the diamonds are carefully selected, they are sent to the most experienced and skilled artisan in this industry ,where the skills have been passed on from generation to generation. These artisans then handcraft these jewellery to perfection, taking care of the minutest details. They even make sure that every single diamonds laser inscription is readable through a magnifying lens even after it has been mounted. This is level of attention to detailing is yet to be seen in the industry.
Q. It is evident that non of your jewellery has rhodium polish. It is a perception that rhodium increases the shine of a jewellery, so isn’t lack of rhodium going to affect the look of your jewellery?
Ans. Rhodium is a very temporary coating over the gold, which is used to increase the apparent beauty of a fluorescent diamond. One major disadvantage of rhodium is that it turns black in a couple of months . We have decided not to use rhodium for our non fluorescent, Colorless (D-E-F), Excellent to Very Good Cut( best light performance) diamonds, since we know we are using the best quality diamond that anyone can buy and our diamonds do not need the help of rhodium as they are naturally beautiful.
Q. Your certificate mentions that you screen ( Check) your diamonds using D-Screen, what does it mean?
Ans. Since the eighties, synthetic diamonds ( man made diamonds ) have become a real threat and concern for the diamond industry. It is now possible to manufacture Diamonds in a lab using either of the two process namely HPHT ( High Pressure High Temperature ) or CVD ( Chemical Vapour Deposition), both of these are very sophisticated scientific process and the synthetic diamonds produced using these methods needs equally sophisticated techniques and instruments. Since 1999 a technique of turning some brown diamonds to colorless diamonds have come into commercial practice. Detection of these synthetic and Treated diamonds were a challenge for the scientists and researchers, that is when HRD developed a instrument called “ D-SCREEN” which distinguishes diamonds that are not synthetic and have not been HPHT color enhanced ( may have their color improved by the HPHT process). We at ML- Varenium , use D-SCREEN to check each and every diamond so that you can be sure that you are not buying any synthetic or HPHT treated diamond.
Q. If there is any loss of diamond or damages in my jewellery. what will be buy back policy?
Ans. At the time of buy back the jewellery will be reassessed by the company headquarters (your local jewellery lounge will make arrangements for the same).
Q. Why will the gold & diamond in the Jewellery be reassessed at the time of Buy Back ?
Ans. There is some wear & tear in Jewellery when it is worn on a regular basis. At the time of buy back the Jewellery will be cleaned to remove any foreign substances & checked for any loss of diamonds and weighed precisely to check for any loss of gold weight.
Q. If I buy jewellery for the gift purpose and do not give the bill to the concerned person what will be the buyback policy for him/her?
Ans. You can take the gift card option.The Unique ID on the certificate of the jewellery will provide the details.
Q. Are the price shown on the website inclusive of taxes?
Ans. Yes Prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes.
Q. What is the Refund Policy if we cancel the order before the delivery is done?
Ans. Refund & buy back policy are same.
Q. Are there any hidden/additional costs?
Ans. No.
Q. I order today and the amount will be deposit later what rate will be applicable?
Ans. Your amount is confirmed for 24 hours (1 Day) Please deposit the amount in company's account within 24 hours.
Q. How do we ensure that our order is perfect?
Ans. It is advisable to visit the company’s lounge to check and feel the masterpiece and own it.
Q. What Diamond and Gold rate will be applicable when I return back my jewellery?
Ans. Current market rate as displayed on website will be applicable.Diamond rate changes will be applicable as per the market rate.
Q. I want to purchase a ring, how do I give the measurement for it?
Ans. You will have to come to ML jewellery Lounge to give the ring size, as there is a difference in the bone structure of everyone, thus the accurate measurement can only be taken at the lounge by experts.
Q. Does the diamond jewellery also hold lifelong guarantee as offered in the lifelong gold chains ?
Ans. We have tried to keep the design and labour crafting as strong as possible but In case of any breakage, repair will be charged as per the condition.
Q. How do you determine the prices?
Ans. Gold price is updated as per the current Indian market rate every 20 mins. The pricing of diamonds is done as per availability in the market.
Q. Do you make any other designs apart from the ones on the web-site?
Ans. Yes, you are welcome with your design, and our experts can help you in finalizing the same.
Q. Can I choose my own diamond size?
Ans. It depends on the availability of the diamonds.
Q. Do the price of diamonds increase like the price of gold ?
Ans. It is very difficult to predict it but natural colourless, vvs, non fluorescence, brilliant (excellent, very good) cut diamonds are becoming scarcer by the day.
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